#sol17 Day 10 Toddler 1, Mama 0

I had such grand plans to write a post tonight until:

…the commute that seemed endless because E got up way too early this morning and was exhausted from his day at school. Thus, nothing I did would suffice. E would not be appeased, though he did enjoy watching some construction out the window and cuddling for a bit.

…we arrived home and swept the steps and when E refused to come in, I made the (probably stupid) executive decision that we would not watch an episode of Paw Patrol and would, instead, have dinner and then go to bed.

…E had a full-blown tantrum, the likes that are rare and terrible and that found me nearly going back on my decision. He would be at moments inconsolable and then the next moment asking for a hug before throwing himself back on to the floor.

…I offered him the choice for dinner: meatloaf or chicken enchiladas? After he said he didn’t want either (and despite my reaction–in my head, of course–to respond: well, then eat nothing), he ate hummus and fruit salad.

…I got E into his pajamas and we rocked and read a book about a flower girl in a wedding and he went to bed. Early. Without tears. His or mine.

…and then made a few requests before finally falling asleep: blankets, toys, a final check-in.

I am now on my couch, watching Nashville, in a daze. I think this is the perfect storm of the upcoming daylight savings time, not getting enough sleep, and my own crankiness which seems to try to fester on days that seem endless and I struggle to catch my mama breath.

The hilarious parts about all of this is that when I said to E: “You know, I’m really frustrated,” E responded: “Don’t be frustrated. Get yourself together.”

Exactly. I’ll try it all again tomorrow.

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12 thoughts on “#sol17 Day 10 Toddler 1, Mama 0

  1. Hearing E’s response to you makes my heart so full. I think he gets an extra episode of Paw Patrol for that. And you get to watch all the episodes you want of all of your shows. With ice cream.

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  2. In some ways, I can’t wait for Ruthie to be older so she can walk and talk and sort of have the ability to take care of herself. Little babies are exhausting. But in other ways, I most definitely CAN wait until Ruthie has tantrums, refuses dinner, and tells me to get myself together! E made me laugh, but I know that these moments are usually only funny in hindsight!!

    Parenting is HARD. No stage is easy, I’m learning, but I am learning that the further removed I am from each stage, the more manageable and entertaining it becomes. Like the time this Wednesday when Ruthie pooped ALL OVER ME as I was walking into the gym, and I had a change of clothes for her but not for me….so I worked out while covered in poop.

    That experience will be really funny someday, as will yours, except in the moment I just wanted to sob while running in 1/8-mile circles around the indoor track. I really hope that parenting wisdom is true and all of this emotional trauma is worth it!!!! Hugs to you, my fellow mama, for sharing this slice of motherhood.

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    1. Shana, while the thought of running in poop was not pleasant, all I can think is: WAY TO GO, YOU WENT RUNNING!!! You’re right: perspective and hindsight are amazing. Long after the fact, for sure. When I’m in it, all I can think is: keep breathing. It’s not an emergency. Just keep going. And of course there are lots of tears (usually mine) and attempts to love myself anyway. We are doing it, aren’t we? But nope, it’s not easy at all. AT ALL.

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