#sol17 Day 9: #trypod-the POC Edition (+Richard Simmons)

c5sh9lvxaaexbxwI love this idea of #trypod to introduce more people to the utter delight of podcasts. I listen to a few regularly and have even more queued up. I listen while running (where I bump up the speed to 1.5), when I find myself alone on a train ride (a rare treat), or in the kitchen on the weekends after E is in bed.

Here are my favorites, listed in no particular order AFTER my number one favorite that’s been holding steady for years:

The Read: Kid Fury and Chrissle are the best daring duo for their take on popular culture, race, shade and pettiness. New episodes come out every Thursday and I savor them. SAVOR!

A Different Perspective, Dr. Amber Thornton: POC mental health issues finally get addressed in a caring, thoughtful way

Sooo Many White Guys and 2 Dope Queens: two funny, honest and amazing podcasts by women of color

See Something, Say Something: my colleague recommended this one and I’m so glad she did. Real, honest, important podcast that is about Muslims in America.

The Black Girl Dangerous Podcast with Mia McKenzie: this is a great self-care podcast that also talks about transwomen of color (finally!)

Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race: unfortunately, this podcast ended its run, but the archives remain. Multiracial hosts discuss important stuff here about race and racism.

The Get Well Podcast: I’ve been introduced to so many interesting, important folks who are focused on self-care and healing through this podcast. The topics are different for every episode.

For Colored Nerds: for lack of a better explanation, the hosts are nerds and I love them. The hosts have had some great analyses of important books, films, and events.

Black Girl in Om: I realized that so many of my podcasts focus on self-care and self love. I wouldn’t have it any other way! This blog is another that helps with those intentions.

Oh, and yes, Missing Richard Simmons is worth ALL the hype! It does bring up some important discussions about exploitation, friendship and the messiness of all of that, too (thanks, Tricia for raising those points!).

Happy listening!

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“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Audre Lorde

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8 thoughts on “#sol17 Day 9: #trypod-the POC Edition (+Richard Simmons)

  1. Gah! I feel like I just get lost in the wide world of podcasts!

    And then I can’t figure out how to download them, or get them on my phone…I listened to about half of the first season of Serial and then googled it to see how it ended. I am terrible.

    But, I’ve never heard of any of these, and you intrigued me with your synopsis of “race, shade, and pettiness…” so maybe I need to check them out!! Thanks for the lineup!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shana, The Read is just fantastic. I downloaded the app on my phone and sync them through iTunes. You can leave them there and listen as much or as little as you want. Richard Simmons is the one I’m currently obsessed with. It hooked me like Serial did.

      Liked by 1 person

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