3/23/15 Things That Make Me Happy #sol15

One of my favorite blogs is Lindsey Mead’s A Design So Vast. She writes about books, about parenting, about living. I subscribe to her posts, and when they arrive a couple of times a week, I’m always delighted. Today, she wrote about what makes her happy and ended with the question to her readers: What makes you happy?

Can’t resist such a great question. Thus:

  • School lunch. Seriously. Our cafeteria has delicious lunches that rival a gourmet restaurant. They’re super healthy and a great value: entree, fruit, salad, milk and something else (but by that time I usually run out of hands) for a grand total of $4. Today, baked chicken tenders, baked sweet potato fries, roasted cauliflower with tomatoes and broccoli. I always wish I could bring in a to-go box because then I could feed E for dinner (I still might try that in the spring).
  • Knowing that spring flowers are coming soon
  • Smaller snow banks
  • Watching the sunset out my window
  • Walking to the subway with E singing along in his carrier in the mornings
  • Coffee, journal, NPR when I wake up
  • Play dates in the Boston Public children’s library with a great friend and no cell phones
  • Visits from a friend who brings ice cream and entertains herself while I wash food out of E’s hair
  • Connie Britton in anything
  • Capturing a great shot of E on my camera
  • Reading food magazines and blogs
  • Re-reading old Moleskine notebooks where I’ve collected great quotations and other marginalia
  • Writing really long emails to my best friend
  • Staring out my classroom window at random points during the day and always being grateful I did
  • A bowl of pho: extra limes, hot sauce, all white meat chickenSlice of Life
  • Knitting: but only scarves or baby blankets
  • Hootie and the Blowfish. Forever.
  • For that matter, turning on the 90s Pandora station every morning and dancing and singing with E as we get ready for the day
  • Kids who I have known since they were sophomores, and for whom I’ve written letters of recommendation, returning to tell me about their college acceptances
  • Felicity episodes every now and then
  • Corgis

Another list I hope to return to for those days when I’m not feeling so happy for an instant pick-me-up


4 thoughts on “3/23/15 Things That Make Me Happy #sol15

  1. What a great list! Everyone needs a happy list! I especially want one of those friends who brings ice cream – where can I find one of those! I have some great friends but I can’t think of a time when one showed up at my door with ice cream. 🙂

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