3/22/15 Cooking for The Little: Operation Iron #sol15

E is anemic, and according to his doctor, she wasn’t confident I could correct it strictly through diet. Thus, he now takes two iron supplements daily. They are not tasty, but he is a good sport about it: he purses up his little mouth but doesn’t spit out the stuff once I manage to get it into him. Slice of Life

What this means, too, is that I have become diligent about iron and making sure E gets it through his diet as well. He was exclusively breastfed for seven months and now eats at day care and still nurses at home. Since he was eating at school and nursing at home, I didn’t give regular meals for dinner much thought. Until now. This new wrinkle–dinner cooking–has thrown a wrench into my after school schedule. Usually, we get home, play for a bit and then he’s in bed by 6 p.m. Given that now he needs to eat dinner and that he is amazingly slow (seriously–babies take sooo long to eat), it seems that as soon as we walk in the door, I’m taking something out of the fridge and preparing. Wait–no I’m not. I waste a good amount of time looking in the fridge trying to figure out what to feed E.

That was last week, when I learned my lesson: the time it takes for him to eat makes me feel too stressed about getting him into bed so he can get enough sleep. This weekend, I shopped and prepared food for the week. Finally! I’m also utilizing my freezer more: I’ve had some individual mini silicone muffin tins and have used those to make baby-size portions. I’m trying to avoid feeling like a short-order cook, but I am hoping the advance preparation gives me some room to breathe.

When I learned that he was anemic I had a moment of thinking I was an awful mom for allowing it to happen, but it was only a moment. Apparently, iron deficiencies are common and correctable. Thus, I’m going to embrace this opportunity: I can learn about what foods work best to boost iron levels (other than liver; no liver!); I have more time to spend on Pinterest looking for great recipes, and this research and preparation gives me more time to spend sitting and having dinner with E throughout the week.

#operationiron has commenced…


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