Sunday List: Things I No Longer Do #sol16

The Modern Mrs. Darcy has become my source of great writing prompts. Earlier this week she posted a link to “21 Lists You Need to Keep to Lead a More Satisfying Life.” Now I love lists. Love ’em. In fact, I am also obsessed with bullet journals because they are, essentially, running lists. When I’m feeling some type of way, I make lists. When I daydream, I make lists. When I need to create order out of chaos…you got it: lists are the order of the day. Thus, I couldn’t resist. And I particularly like #16, Things You No Longer Do. The writer of this article says to write these items in present tense so they “become a mantra.” Okay, here goes:

  • I no longer waste time to save money.
  • I no longer feel guilty about ordering my groceries online and paying the delivery fee.
  • I no longer think it inappropriate to hire a cleaning lady.
  • I no longer obsesses about what I ate yesterday.
  • I no longer eat at places without consulting the menu first, prior to my visit.
  • I no longer remain silent when I really don’t want to do something.
  • I no longer care about the approval of those who don’t know me, those who don’t pay my bills, and those who don’t love me.
  • I no longer brush off compliments. Instead, I say thank you and really mean it.
  • I no longer do the same running workout twice in a row.
  • I no longer eat sweet things unless it’s a weekend.
  • I no longer blame my mother for being a terrible parent.
  • I no longer parent E the way I was parented.
  • I no longer worry that I am parenting under the white gaze.
  • I no longer take public transportation when I can walk.
  • I no longer take my close friends for granted.
  • I no longer seethe that my friends are ignoring me. If I feel that’s the case, I will reach out and find out.
  • I no longer will suck it up until something better comes along; instead, I will keep working so I can be prepared when that something arrives.
  • I will no longer make popcorn in the microwave; only the stove top.
  • I will no longer purchase cookbooks, choosing instead to check them out from the library.
  • I no longer eat what I know will make me feel terrible once I’ve consumed it, despite how many positive associations with that product I think I have.
  • I will no longer maintain subscriptions of products I neither watch (farewell, Netflix) nor read (peace out, Sauveur and Ebony).
  • I no longer put sugar in my coffee. Just cream.
  • I no longer feel badly when I spend some cash on clothing that makes me feel good about myself.
  • I no longer make myself angry trying to get out of the house in an impossible amount of time with a toddler. Now, I allow plenty of time for the impossible that always happens.
  • I no longer criticize any parent. We are doing the best we can.

Whoa. Making this list felt amazing.



18 thoughts on “Sunday List: Things I No Longer Do #sol16

  1. You really picked up momentum as your list went on. I notice that you switched a few over into the future tense, “I will no longer,” and wonder if there is a significance to that decision.

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  2. An extensive list. It is said a longer list takes the reader further into your thinking. it is true for me as your reader. Your list is introspective. I found myself in some your details. Lists are important to writers, They often lead us into additional writing possibilities. Things we may choose to further unpack. Hmmm?

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  3. I love your list, Kim! It reads like part declaration, part prayer. The momentum of speaking your truth carries through. Just one question: did you ever parent E the way you were parented?


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