Half Steps #sol16

I purchased the shoes from my favorite store during a Cyber Monday sale. They were about a size too big, but I figured that the price was so good that it would be worth the wait until E could wear them. Plus, the grey canvas with the whimsical pattern and blue piping seemed to be appropriate for a toddler.

While I’ve been good at keeping up with his growth spurts, the shoes and the corresponding sizes have stymied me. It seemed like we rushed through several sizes before arriving at his current size, deciding to linger here. Liminal space where thSlice of Lifee other shoes seem too small and the ones purchased and put away are still waiting.

He wears the bigger ones–the grey ones–as I figure a bit of space cannot be so terrible. And, as agreeable as he is, he doesn’t seem to mind, nor is he hindered by them. I secretly wonder if I’m damaging him by making him wear shoes that are too big, then, I get over it, momentarily.

Today, as we walked home from the Sunday swim lessons that have resumed, I kept hearing his shoes as his steps turned over, a cascade of heel-toe, heel-toe, heel-toe as we meandered home. Funny, though, that while I wait for that growth between shoe sizes, he’s done other growing of sorts: I don’t feel like I have to reach down so far for his hand (when did that happen? I wondered). He has so many words, and is able to string together chains of them, and I can usually understand what he’s saying. His pants are just…too short, while the waist swallows him. He seems a perpetual version of Lil Abner in the mornings before we leave the house, only after numerous attempts at finding something that fits on the top and the bottom.

Then, the heel-toe would stop as he pointed to trash in the middle of the street, or as we watched the street sweeper make its way past us, resuming again in a flurry of movement that propelled us along. So sure-footed, so determined, leading us home.


8 thoughts on “Half Steps #sol16

  1. You beautiful write, ” I don’t feel like I have to reach down so far for his hand (when did that happen? I wondered). ” What a beautiful piece! The symbol of the shoes and your trying to keep track of the growth of his feet or his growth in general is beautiful! Yes, sometimes it feels like our children just skipped a whole series of sizes. E. is so cute! I could visualize him in your descriptions.

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  2. E. as Lil Abner in the mornings–what a delicious image. And the “cascade of heel-toe, heel-toe, heel-toe”… oh so good. I have a distinct memory of shoe shopping in childhood where my mom made sure we had at least a full size to grow into. No ill physical or psychological effects. These E. moments are the best.

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  3. You aren’t a successful mom if your child wasn’t in shoes that were too big or too small. I get the prize for the latter…. They do grow up fast, i love that line, “I don’t feel like I have to reach down so far for his hand.’ Don’t stress, he will tell you if they really bother him. Just enjoy the moment as he grows a little bit bigger. Great slice!


  4. Beautifully captured walk home and the momma thoughts that can consume us while we’re trying our best to raise the littles to which we’ve been entrusted. My three-year-old is growing too, but his feet aren’t. I keep waiting; although, admittedly he can languish for a while — that way, his Easter shoes will fit maybe longer than for the holiday. 🙂


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