#sol17 Day 5 His, Mine, Ours: On Obsessions, Shared and Otherwise

Wow do kids’ interests change as they grow! I want to take a moment to catalogue what E and I love separately and together at this moment. I’m inspired by a shelf of books in the Children’s Section of the public library near my school. It’s called “Obsessions” and caters to, well, obsessions of young children. There are shelves for cars, for dinosaurs, for princesses and for many other interests.

My boypie, who will be three in the near future, holds a few items and experiences near and dear to his heart. By this, I mean that he will choose these things over anything else, and will continue choosing these same things even if offered alternates. He is, for lack of a better explanation, obsessed.

In no particular order (to his chagrin, of course), they are:

  • Paw Patrol action figures (though there is NO action figure for the Mayor of the town, a Black woman. There are figures for all the million other animals and people. Um…How, sway?)
  • Chocolate croissants. He usually has one at some point during the weekend, typically purchased from the local farmers’ market
  • This video of a hippopotamus getting his teeth brushed . Seriously, we’ve watched it a million times. Side note: Is there anything cuter than a little kid saying “hippopotamus” though? Nope. There isn’t.
  • Cars, trucks, and other things that go
  • The weekends because he is permitted to watch a few episodes of his “shows”: Paw Patrol, Terrific Trucks or Sesame Street
  • His imaginary friends (and WOW is his world of imaginary play complex!)

My loves of the moment, also in no particular order:

  • This is Us (I have a giant hole in my heart for William and his short-lived relationship with Randall)
  • Nashville (I have loved Connie Britton since she was Tammy Taylor and now with the outcome of Nashville, I don’t know what my TV watching future is going to be like)
  • Southern Living magazine (both reassuring and aspirational)
  • Knitting easy scarf patterns, particularly ones that result in a scarf for E of his favorite color (orange)
  • Reading Deep Run Roots: Stories and Recipes from My Corner of the South, an unexpected Christmas present from a dear friend that I savor and read at my kitchen table. I take it a section at a time, or a recipe at a time. It reads so well, I think, because Vivian Howard was an English major.
  • This is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel because this is the best book I’ve read recently and I’ve been telling everyone to read it. Especially if you’re someone’s parent.

And then, there are some things we just both love, for no real reason other than that they are shared by the both of us. These are:

  • Brunch, especially on a Sunday with good friends who are our family
  • Kitchen dance parties, usually spontaneous in nature
  • Hootie, our cat
  • Reading together, usually the same book we’ve read a million times already. I find we often keep returning to the ones that are becoming his canon.
  • Writing letters/making art to mail away to loved ones. Thank goodness for stickers and Washi tape!
  • Remembering: places we’ve been, people we know, experiences we’ve had. We seem to both be holders of memories…

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15 thoughts on “#sol17 Day 5 His, Mine, Ours: On Obsessions, Shared and Otherwise

  1. What a fun catalog of the current moment. And Southern Living magazine? Do you have a subscription or do you read it online? That made me chuckle. You are full of surprises! I think congee at dim sum might qualify for E’s loves at this moment. I loved sharing that experience with y’all.

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  2. I love this!!! I love how you say “the books that are becoming his canon.” This is so relevant for me as a mom and teacher–the canon is what we make it. Have you read “My Ideal Bookshelf?” It’d be so fun to make one with your boypie! (Love that nickname!!) ❤

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  3. This is a great post that reminds me of mason’s toddler years. Not that his obsessions changed much between 3 and 6! I’m going to go look for Laurie Frankel’s book. I am always interested in the ones that make readers feel like they should force them on everyone who passes by! 😀

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  4. Ah, this is so great. It’s fun to watch their interests change over time (and even to see the ones that stay the same). It’s also fun to see the things you both enjoy together.

    I hope you do this every year.

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  5. I love this! I think I’m going to stand on your shoulders and do the same about my kiddos. Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s full of your voice and I love the feeling you create around weekends in your house.

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