So Fresh and So Clean (clean) #sol

Tuesday. Every other one is circled on my calendar in hot pink Sharpie.

Tuesday means Lucinea, the woman who cleans my apartment. When we open the door, the first thing I do is take a deep breath, allowing the smell of vinegar and citrus to fill my lungs. The blinds are drawn up to their highest point, and I’m able to take in the neatly stacked blocks, the sparkling sink, the order she has made of a place that seems to unravel under the day-to-day of living until she arrives biweekly to make amends.

The quiet stillness of clean.

Since E–that marker of time that measures what seems like an eternity before this boy–I have come to terms. I now admit that the most valuable asset I have is my time, and I don’t want to spend it doing particular tasks. I enjoy washing dishes, but not dusting, or vacuuming, or cleaning cracks and crevices. I felt much guilt about making the decision to hire a cleaning lady, worried about what this might mean as a marker of class, of being “uppity,” but I have resolved those feelings.

Time. She is saving me time that I can use as I want, and I love more opportunities to do something I want (not a plea there for pity, but just a statement of reality).

My self-care.

I decided on Lucinea because she is a woman that is part of a cooperative of women that own their own businesses and make their own all-natural cleaning products. When she came to my apartment for her initial consult, I liked her immediately: she was kind, shrewd as she looked around and estimated the amount of time she’d need to clean the place, and her estimate was fair. Plus, she came highly regarded from others in my neighborhood. Slice of Life

On Tuesdays, when Lucinea comes, I get a momentary reset button. Everything is in the correct place, neat, clean (bordering on immaculate). And I know this feeling is as fleeting as E deciding to topple over those blocks the moment he pushes past me into the house, but still, it is a moment that brings me peace.


9 thoughts on “So Fresh and So Clean (clean) #sol

  1. Yes! We hired someone yo help us keep the house clean when my son was born. She comes every other week but it is the best money we ever spent. Seriously.

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  2. I have always wanted to do this, but felt guilty for many of the reasons you stated above. The truth is, you’re right! Our time is our most valuable asset and why spend it doing something you hate? Great post and thoughts.

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  3. I love the way you value your time! Yes, you deserve that “reset” time even if in part ephemeral. It would be “uppity” if you did not acknowledge or even realize the beauty and order Lucinea creates. Enjoy your beautifully ordered home!

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  4. I LITERALLY had this conversation with J yesterday. Or, rather, I said that I wanted someone to come 1-2x a month and he was like, “Why? We can keep it clean ourselves, it’s not a big place.” And I gave him serious side-eye. Because, like it or not, cleaning happens…infrequently. I’m totally showing him your post.

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