Look At the Stars: An Appreciation #sol16

Slice of LifeConfession: I read my horoscope (Pisces) every single day. I even have an app on my phone that I read sometime during the morning rush. There is something oddly comforting about these prognostications. While I don’t change my plans if the forecast is cautionary, I do give pause and make a mental note to pay attention.

One I love, particularly, is the weekly horoscope from Chani Nicholas. It seems she writes them just for me. Only me. Here’s my ‘scope for this week:

Cosmic eyes are on you. This moment is yours to do with it what you wish. Consequences are on the heals of any action that you take so take the ones you have worked out in your mind’s eye. Keep working on your plans so that your plans can work for you. Keep up the effort so that you can continue seeing results. Keep in the flow so that you can follow what you know.

This is your time to believe unequivocally in your abilities. Not because it’s what you would like to happen, but because with all the work you put in, belief in yourself is what is bound to happen. This eclipse pulls from the newly found ground that you have to stand on. This eclipse highlights the shifts that have occurred in your family, home and within your foundations. This eclipse lets you know that because of all that and through all that this part of your life has taught you recently, you have a reason to live your life out loud and not take your gifts for granted.

Through all of the new relationships that have entered your orbit, or all the new energy that has come in from your most intimate relationships, your life is undergoing a renewal. You are undergoing an overhaul. You’re recreation is no coincidence. Trust in what you are becoming as you take part in growing yourself into all you want to be.

How incredible is this horoscope? I have the tendency to jot down parts of them if they resonate with me more than usual, and I wrote every part of this one down because, hey, I want to live my life out loud! I have a number of friends who think I’m nuts to actually believe my horoscope, but it provides some added bit of comfort and confidence to days when I need it most. Thing is, too, if I’m not impressed with that day’s horoscope, then I am not ashamed to read a few adjacent signs to find one that works for me. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Look At the Stars: An Appreciation #sol16

  1. What a fabulous horoscope, and you are my hero of living out loud! You should print this out and post it on your wall. I enjoy reading my horoscope because I believe in the rhythms and energies of the cosmos. Or, it’s part of my Asian upbringing? Today is a solar eclipse; lots of powerful energy in the universe. Haha, if I read something I don’t like, I move onto a different writer.

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  2. I love to read my horoscope, sometimes a day or two later. I look back and think, “Wow, that was scary…to close to reality” The days it totally off, “eh, the stuff is just for fun.”
    The days I read it at the start of the day, I am a little leery!

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  3. I love that you do this! I think rituals are such an important part of our being — the things we do because we must do them, regardless of why we do them. I don’t read my horoscope much now, but I *do* revel in the fact that being a Sagittarius very much fits my personality. 🙂

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