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Me Before You: My Current Obsession

I started Me Before You on a recommendation from some website I can’t remember, much because I’ve always enjoyed literary-ish chick lit along the lines of Big Little Lies and wanted to read more of that type of book.

Once I hit the point of no return with MBY early this week, all I’ve wanted to do for the last 24 hours has been to read. Nonstop. I haven’t been this fixated on reading ALL THE TIME in a long while. It is equal parts exhilarating and frustrating because all I want to do is lock myself away somewhere and see how it all ends.


I admit it: I’ve neglected a number of tasks, paid a divided attention to my boy, and much more. Here, I list my transgressions in the name of reading this book:

  •  I stayed up for two hours straight two nights in a row, television off, NPR turned down low, prone on my couch reading.
  • At school today, I extended my students’ independent reading time and pushed back conferences so I could sit and read.
  • When I knew the public library had the sequel to MBY and that they couldn’t hold it, I ran out of the building between classes and checked it out because I did not want to stare down the weekend and the possibility of not knowing what happens next, or at least having to wait until Monday.
  • I gave E an extra piece of fruit to eat on the commute home so he would be occupied while I furtively read a few pages.
  • I let E play in the bath tub while I sat beside him on a stool, reading.

I really cannot remember the last time I have been so determined to finish a book. More, I also am in a state of flow: time seems to have stopped. When I come up for air, I have lost any track of how much time has passed and sometimes I have to snap myself back to reality. I am fully invested in the protagonist, have ugly cried at my kitchen table at 5 a.m. because I was so sad about plot events…I’m taking a break to write this slice because I have less than 20 pages left and I just.don’

And when it does, I imagine I’ll be as consumed with the sequel. Hopefully it will be as good as the original.

But OMG! There’s going to be a movie?! That comes out this year? I LIVE.

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15 thoughts on “Consumed #sol16

  1. Isn’t it great that the weekend is here? That’s hilarious that you went to the library between classes to get the book. Your excitement about this book makes me want to read it too. Thank goodness for sequels.

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  2. I am waiting for this book at my library. And I keep looking at it and thinking I will probably regret not just buying it! I love that books that do this to me. The last one I read that consumed me was….The Red Queen, I think. 🙂

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  3. Your slice makes that book sound amazing! I love your descriptions of the funny places you found to read…we’ve all been there!! What a joy to lose yourself in a book, though! I wish it didn’t have to end FOR you! 🙂

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  4. That feeling doesn’t come with many books (at least not in my experience), but when it does, it’s so absolutely satisfying. I always find that I grieve on finishing such a book and have to do something tangible for a bit to get over it. Wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything:).

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  5. I love everything about this post! Probably because I can relate to everything you’ve done to get more time in for reading. Other books that consumed me like this are Something Borrowed and Something Blue by Emily Giffin. I’m talking the ugly cry between two men (perfect strangers) stuck on a plane!

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  6. This is super relatable! Well, for readers, anyway. I remember one time I stayed up all night in college — literally, I never went to bed — to finish the novel “Evidence of Love.”

    And I think it’s good that you modeled such passionate book love for E..

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  7. I enjoy the content of this post and your technque compliments your message perfectly. The bolded words, the spacing, the bulleted list, even the ?!. I especially liked the line “paid a divided attention to my boy.” It caught me at first because I thought it was “undivided” that you meant, but stopping helped me to realize how clever a play on words this is. Thanks for sharing such unique crafts tonight.

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  8. So happy you are so immersed in reading a book you enjoy this week. You captured your enthusiasm and convinced me to go to the library to check out a copy. I know that feeling of not wanting a book to end or wanting to end it in a special quiet space. Hope the sequel is also as engaging!


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