Morning Still Life 3/2/16 #sol

My best friend calls me a compulsive reader. I think she’s said that I’ll read anything, anywhere. I sit down, I start IMG_1818reading. She’s right. I think I’ve always been a voracious reader. Over the last couple of months, I’ve gotten my reading groove back, where I’m fitting in chunks of reading daily. Now, though, I get cranky when I can’t read.

I get up around 4:00 each morning and I do a little writing in my journal, a lot of coffee drinking, and a good amount of reading. I try to only do what I love in the morning: reading and writing. Nothing more. Oh, and coffee. I love that, too.

At one point this morning I looked at my tiny kitchen table and found it the perfect representation of how I live now. Two books open, one Hands Free Life that helps me to think about parenting and being present and grateful, and the other Me Before You by Jo Jo Moyes, an absolutely riveting book that has kept me up reading long past my bedtime. And just behind those two books, with the covers that overlap, is a book I checked out from the library yesterday, The Southern Baker. Fitting that the coffee cup is front and center. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I started teaching, and now I seem unable to do anything coherent until I’m fully caffeinated (a task that extends long into the morning).

The string from a Mylar balloon that won’t deflate fast enough, souvenir from a Chinese New Year parade we went to over the weekend. My school bag on the table, never able to make it to the floor, E’s sippy cup nestled in a side pocket, in need of a refill before we leave for the day.

I try to clean off our tiny kitchen table, but that seems a foolish pursuit. I’ve mostly given up trying at this point. My life is comprised of moments made possible by what is in this picture. None of them more precious than the rest, yet all intricately connected to who I am, at this table, in this kitchen, on a morning in March.




10 thoughts on “Morning Still Life 3/2/16 #sol

  1. Kim, your teaser tagline on the Two Writers comment section for today’s entry made me laugh so hard, Hurray for reading and carving out the space on your kitchen table for the things that bring you joy!


  2. “…at this table, in this kitchen, on a morning in March”: Wow! What a poignant piece! So centered…so in the moment…so filled with key symbols in your life. I love the poetic ending! Thank you for sharing both titles. Your piece was so in the moment. As I read your Slice of Life, I found myself scrolling up to “spy” the objects in the picture. It is good to start the morning in “stillness’ with what you love!


  3. Yay for finding your reading vibe again! I’m still trying to find mine…I have an 18 month old that is making it diffucult right now! Looking forward to reading your blogs!


    1. Mary, it is HARD! But I kept getting started and stopped at the moment when I’d start finding a groove. Now, I go to bed early and get up early and that seems to be working. 18 months! We deserve medals. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. It means a lot. Mamaste.


  4. I love this glimpse into your life. The snippet of your world that reveals itself on your table makes a lovely post today. And Me Before You…such an amazing book!! I was riveted by each and every word. Enjoy!


  5. I love your morning still-life. What a profound idea! How you named and signified each item was masterful. I also love how you synthesized all the details at the end. Nice slice!


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