3/31/15 So I Went for a Run #sol15

When I had my baby, the only thing I missed was running. My dear friends purchased an amazing running stroller for me, but it pulled just enough to make pushing it a drag. I came to running in the last decade; starting when I was in grad school with the Couch 25K running plan. Since then, I’ve run more 5Ks than I can count, a few half marathons and some other races of varying distances. Throughout that time, I realized that running keeps me sane. Even the most awful of days can be remedied by getting out the door. Because I like the way I feel when I run, I ran until week 32 with E before I stopped to prepare for his arrival.

Since then, I’ve run a handful of times, largely because it was hard to coordinate everything. The stroller that pulled a bit was another handy reason not to go. I felt off balance, but that could be attributable to being a new mom. The walking I replaced running with was a miserable substitute.

I knew that something had to give. The snow finally melted. The days got longer. What’s that saying: you either find a reason or you find an excuse. And oh, I had so many excuses. I was an early morning runner, often going out around 5 a.m. to start my day. The hardest part of all of this was admitting to myself that life is simply different now. Not bad different, but different, nonetheless. When 2015 began, I made a deal with myself: just run a couple of days after school and then I could run on the weekends in the morning. At least I was getting out there.

The breakthrough came last weekend when I watched a video about my running stroller. Why hadn’t I done that before?! Apparently, it works best when the wheel is turned the opposite way I had positioned it. Once I made that adjustment, it works like a dream! An absolute dream. My running partner came by last week, and we ran and the stroller was perfect. Didn’t pull at all.

With an extra hour on my hands today, I found a reason to go run. I kept reminding myself how I feel at the end of my runs: relaxed, happy, endorphins, endorphins, endorphins. I buckled E in and off we went. Slowly, but I still marveled that my body seems to be able to make it over a few miles and I don’t feel like dying. At the end of the run, when I turned off Run Keeper and checked on a contented E, I knew that this new normal allows me to get back to what I love if I simply allow it to happen differently. I can accept that change. Besides, spring’s coming: lots of fun races to enter and enjoy. My mojo is coming back…I love this post from Runner’s World entitled “So I Went for a Run” wherein the refrain is: “So I went for a run. And things got better.” Yup. Life is getting better every day, and I am eternally full of joy, wonder and gratitude.

Slice of LifeThank you so much for visiting my blog and offering words of encouragement during this wonderful month. I will write on this blog as I can; however, I will return primarily to writing about being a teacher of literacy and addressing issues of equity over at my other blog, Classroom Liner Notes. Please join me there. 


4 thoughts on “3/31/15 So I Went for a Run #sol15

  1. I totally agree with you-a run can turn your day around! I have transitioned back to running (after snowshoeing all winter) 2 weeks ago, but can’t wait to run on my dirt road. It’s still covered with over 2 feet of snow!)

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