3/27/15 Writer Crushes #sol15

Writer Crush: A person whose words you enjoy reading so much that you start to like them. It’s not necessary a romantic/sexual thing — you’re not infatuated and you won’t be private messaging them haikus or anything — but you developed an affinity without ever actually meeting them. (Source: Very Smart Brothas)

Roxane Gay: she is a novelist, essayist, popular culture critic. Bad Feminist is checked out regularly from my classroom library, so I’ve read it in bits and pieces whenever it’s not in one of the kids’ hands, but I plan to read it and take my time with it this summer. In the meantime, I just read this amazing post from The Toast where a father asked her for advice about how to raise his daughter, and she answers honestly, with her usual humor and kindness and love. I feel about her how I felt when I first read Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed: knocked out and forever changed. I return to TBT often for advice. I find myself doing that with Roxane Gay now. Major, major crush for Roxane Gay.

Slice of Life

Stacia L. Brown: I found Stacia last year or the year before while Googling blogs about single moms. She writes so compellingly about co-parenting, seeming to capture all of the emotions I feel when it comes to interactions with E’s father and attempts to do what is best for our boy. Of late, more people have realized what I’ve known all along and Stacia has been writing for broader audiences, about a wider range of topics. I will always admire her, though, for giving me the words to work through what is still a work in process.

Lindsey Mead, A Design So Vast: I guess Lindsey would be called a “Mom blogger,” but I think that title fails to describe how complex she is. Every Friday, she posts a quote. And it is the exact quote I need at that moment, in that day. Throughout the week, she posts about raising her children, about books, about anything and everything else in between. I also like her because I emailed her once about an old post and she wrote me the most thoughtful response.

Samantha Irby, B$tches Gotta Eat: I can’t remember how I found Samantha Irby, but I do know that I was hooked from the first post I read. Yes, she swears a lot, but I haven’t laughed so hard in, well, a really long time. Her book came out last year and I have it in my to read pile for the summer.

Four writers. Four crushes.


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