3/25/15: Taking Stock #sol15

Read this on a new blog I found today and am inspired to create my own.

MAKING Hudson’s Bay baby blanket…slowly…I try to do a couple of rows at a time. Maybe it will be done by summer. I simply like being able to sit down and work the yarn for a bit. It’s never for an extended time, but the time I do have is always enough for the moment
COOKING something called Popeye Pasta for my boy E. I feel like a gourmet chef sometimes as I attempt to whip up easy recipes that will boost his iron intake and that we can both eat
DRINKING water. Lots of water.
READING Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson and Gabi, A Girl in Pieces by Isabel Quintero and Child of Mine: Feeding With Love and Good Sense by Ellyn Satter
WANTING to pick a good ride-on toy that will grow with E and that won’t cost me a fortune; oh, and that also doesn’t run on batteries
LOOKING at an empty yogurt container and contemplating having another one
PLAYING songs from the 90s Pandora radio station every morning and NPR every night
DECIDING to enjoy our staycation for April break and to even make a wish list of what we want to do during that week
WISHING my friends who I haven’t heard from in a while would call to check in rather than me always having to take the initiative Slice of Life
ENJOYING running; going after work today was worth every single minute of that run
WAITING for E’s dad to come around: maybe now, maybe never
LIKING my new camera and the pictures it takes
WONDERING how my Corgis are doing but a bit afraid to check in for fear they’re not doing as well as I wish
LOVING my boy. More every day.
PONDERING what to teach tomorrow during fourth block to my seniors
CONSIDERING taking a summer vacation with my family or a trip to Portland with E and his godfather
WATCHING The Voice, Survivor, Nashville, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy…
HOPING every day can be as good as this one.
MARVELING at the capacity of my heart to expand, seemingly, by the minute to love this boy
NEEDING to figure out first birthday preparations
SMELLING the cheese that dripped onto the bottom of the oven from my pizza
WEARING my pajamas and a hoodie
FOLLOWING different blogs, finding new ones, losing track of time
KNOWING that I feel alive and healthy when I run; thus, I must run as much as I can
FEELING tired and satisfied and proud that I figured out how to make my jogging stroller stop pulling and track correctly
ADMIRING a great friend who still says witty, kind things on even her worst days
SORTING OUT what matters most to me, to E, to we


10 thoughts on “3/25/15: Taking Stock #sol15

  1. To me, to E, to we…love that! What a great post from a very great momma who’s working hard to live a healthy life, take care of her sweet boy and nurture herself as well! You go, girl. You’re awesome!

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