3/18/15 Ode to My Slow Cooker #sol15

Oh, slow cooker.
You offer the pleasure of a home-cooked meal
In a mere 4-6 hours
Of blissful negligence.

Oh, slow cooker.
The braises, stews, chilis,
Leaving the dream of dinner
Wafting throughout the house and down the steps,
Lingering on pot holders and dish towels,
As I work, or play with baby,
Knowing that the reward will soon come.

Oh, slow cooker.
Giving me reasons to peruse Pinterest, food magazines and food blogs
For mouth-watering recipes
That I can share with E.

Thank you, my slow cooker,
For making meals at home possible
Where my boypie and I
Can sit happily at our tiny kitchen table
Filling ourselves with the food and love
Of our dinners together.

Slice of Life


11 thoughts on “3/18/15 Ode to My Slow Cooker #sol15

  1. I love this and I love my slowcooker too! Do you follow @HonestToddler on Twitter? I had to laugh when he posted “Another croc pot dinner. Because nothing says delicious like food that has been cooking in a makeshift swamp.” That cracked me up….but I love my slowercooker too and especially love throwing something in and not thinking about it all day only to have a yummy meal ready at dinner time. I love the line you wrote: “of blissful negligence”.


  2. A slow cooker is just the ticket when you are working or when you are home all day. I love the aroma that waifs thru the house. Great poem.


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