3/12/15 Duel: Action Movies vs. Romance Movies #sol15

Slice of LifeDash the Book threw down the gauntlet for a friendly duel. He generated a bunch of pairs, was gracious enough to give me first pick, and now, we duel.

Romance Movies:
Because I wanted Jake to take me the prom
Because John Hughes and every single gift he gave us
Because Molly Ringwald made me paranoid someone would forget my 16th birthday, and I knew Ducky wasn’t coming to save me.
For giving me the perfect way to how to respond when the boy or girl of my dreams asked me out, dated my best friend (before or after dumping me), then wanted me back.
For Patrick Dempsey on a lawn mower.
For Darius and Nina in Love Jones, making me live and breathe spoken word poetry.
For all the cast from The Best Man and its view of Black love

For knowing that even if someone did me wrong, he/she could get back into my heart if he/she showed up outside my house holding a boom box over his/her head
Oh, and for that matter, for Peter Gabriel.

For movie marathons in college dorm rooms when there was too much snow to go outside and for those hours,  when we all rooted for the geeky girl to come to her senses and realize that once she loved herself true love would come (and for all of us wanting to be that girl)

For making 90s on 9 on Sirius Radio eternally popular because of all the soundtracks that let me immediately reminisce about all of my favorite romantic movies. I mean, seriously: Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark (OMD)?

Who cares if the reality never matches the on-screen illusion? For the glimmers of hope throughout adolescence, the figure-it-out-edness of my 20s and 30s and the comfort of entering 40s, romance movies mean love wins. Love wins.


7 thoughts on “3/12/15 Duel: Action Movies vs. Romance Movies #sol15

  1. Oh, I was reading about the action flicks over on Greg’s blog. I must say, even though I’m not a movie person, I adore this post. The 80s Flicks completely took me back. And Peter Gabriel. Get outta here! Reading your post reminded me I might be more of a romantic than I think I am. Thanks. This was really fun to read.

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