3/10/15 Lazy Ode To a Sidewalk #sol15

Slice of LifeOh sidewalk, how I have MISSED you after feet upon feet of snow
That made walking (forget about skipping or strolling) on you
Absolutely impossible.

After having to walk in the street, silently cursing the
Neighbors who refused to shovel cutouts in the curb
Or shoveled but left remnants of ice and snow behind,
I promise that I will no longer take you for granted.


Today, when I saw the dry, slate grey pavement,
Dappled with sunshine,
I forgot all about the melting snowbanks around me

I rejoiced, and leaned my son over in his carrier
So he could see, too.
He looked at me, quizzical, then returned to
Baby babble

While I stood planted
On the sidewalk


4 thoughts on “3/10/15 Lazy Ode To a Sidewalk #sol15

  1. I just love the way you write! I can just imagine your “conversation” with the sidewalk as you rejoiced in the loveliness of it again. I’m feeling like that myself. I drove home with the window down a bit today…just to feel the 45* on my face!

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