3/7/15: My Mama Tribe #sol15

E. was dancing around the edges of a meltdown when I buckled him into his carrier this morning. For the last two weeks, I’ve been looking forward to the monthly “Baby Brunch.” Given that most of the babies in my group of mom friends are still primarily breastfeeding, this brunch was more for us. There were some nibbles available for the babes, but, well…Slice of Life

Who knows if we ever all would have been friends if not for our kids. We have similar parenting styles, I think, share similar concerns and worries (currently it’s a lot about crawling…E is figuring it out but will be the last one to crawl, though he seems unconcerned about it, making me unconcerned, too), discuss family arrangements (unhelpful and helpful partners). There are three single moms by choice in the group, and we form our own sub-group of additional support. As we three huddled around the brunch table, alternating between feeding ourselves and our children who resembled baby birds as their mouths opened and closed, we discussed how hard it is to ask for help. Our independence an impediment, sometimes and what we might do about it…

The hosts of the brunch this month were simply delightful: warm, welcoming, their house and couches stocked with washcloths for the inevitable spit ups. Thoughtful.

I have found my tribe. That our children seem to get along, too, is comforting and joyous. E played the entire time he was there, shared some toys, waved goodbye and hello and clapped his hands (he just learned how to do that today–what a marvel these developmental steps are!), then promptly fell asleep as soon as we walked outside.

I feel part of something in an entirely different way: that we are all trying to mother our children, mother our significant others for those who have them, and mother ourselves. Exhausting endeavors, all. But in this space, because my mama friends are there to comfort, laugh, cry and simply sit beside me, I am renewed and sustained until we meet again.


2 thoughts on “3/7/15: My Mama Tribe #sol15

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Your “tribe” sounds fantastic! It’s so important to have those people who encourage us and provide that place where we can be rejuvenated.

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