3/5/15: Pho Ga #sol15

Slice of LifeToday, a slice of poetry after feeling like I could it from reading the post on Two Writing Teachers. So inspired. Definitely will try this with my kids.

I knew I wanted Pho.
Thought of the usual place,
Worried I would run out of time.
Instead, Pho 3000.

I hadn’t been in quite some time.
I walked in,
Sat at the table I used to frequent,
feeling some sense of recognition for the woman who
brought me a pot of tea and took my order.
My core, frozen.

I needed pho to chase away the chill.
Three limes, hoisin, basil, chili sauce, a few bean spouts.
Steam danced up my face, over my tongue, around my nose
I paused before eating, then
The noodles, chunks of chicken and the customized broth melded.

Soon, only broth remained.
I chased down a half-eaten noodle and spooned up the last bit of broth.
This place that used to be so much a part of my routine,
site of some great memories, meals with friends.
Dinner, now, with myself.
Different, but still, in some ways, the same.

Pho Ga.


4 thoughts on “3/5/15: Pho Ga #sol15

  1. I tried this poetry idea today too. It was fun! Loved you description of the Pho–Steam danced up my face, over my tongue, around my nose. Could totally feel that. Beautiful work!

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